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Why is tagging multiple people on your personal Facebook page a poison to your campaign?

January 23, 2017

written by The Pypeline

OK... Sometimes people ignore quick tempered rants like, "STOP F*%king TAGGING ME!" Not actually... People don't see it. 12-15% of your followers see your post based on demographics in Facebook.

       Meaning, based on other people's interaction based on city, county, state, region, nation, and so on.

So.... Recently everybody had to update for Facebook's new privacy law update & New Facebook Ad policy. In a nutshell what does all this mean? It means: It's like sending spam viruses to people's Facebook pages.

The Breakdown

       Every time you tag multiple random people (limit is 50 per post) it literally believes you were with them. So, wherever you are or you are doing it with will associate that person tagged. For instance, if you tag 50 people on your post at "Club Made-Up Name" FB really believes they were with you... that's why it reads to the ones you tag and their friends "You were with...".

       This means, because of the new policy updates you are saying it is o.k. for Facebook to send us ads about that place or similar interests, FB will send random questions about the experience at this place (most weren't even at attendance) asking how was the food at this restaurant, or how was the experience at this venue, sends notifications about the post, and also causes FB's investigative team to flag the content and research for potential spam and violation of privacy policys which explains: Personal pages should not be used for any type of commercial purposes.        

       Now your profile names are being reviewed... and everyone you tagged and/or might have added the post to their timeline. Next, people's accounts may be suspended and their current profile names may have to be.... "edited" to meet FB's policy of personal pages of existing citizens.

       So a quick cycle of what just happened because you and your friends personal page posts with multiple tags and how this is actually a poison to your purpose and campaign. 

You have a photo, video, Live feed, etc and you and your friends tag 50 people on the post... 3 different times. that sends a flag to FB and FB reveiws the content, the people tagged, and feedback pop up that is sent to the person you tagged like "Do you know this person?, Are you ok with adding this to your Timeline?, Can you confirm this isn't spam?" Some of you may have seen that and didn't understand what was going on.

       So by doing this as a Marketing scheme it is not marketing at all. It is causing some people to be bothered by extra notifications on top of your original notification saying they were with you. This can cause people to stop following you or unfriend you or even cause your page or your friends pages to be terminated. They wouldn't be too happy about that...

      What is the solution? The solution is to use the platform Facebook is giving you. Create a business/fan page. They are catered to whatever profession you would like to represent. You can promote as much as you want within their guidelines and best of all it helps you filter your Facebook friends that ARE very interested in what you're doing and can be notified when you post. 

       I challenge you to post in your fan page and see how many people it reached. Then work from there. I see people doing tests on their pages seeing of it's true how many people can see their post... No need to people, those tests were done years ago. If you don't know how to create a fan page or manage your fan page... Hire The Pypeline!